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Where are Africa’s notable innovation hubs ?

Africa is undergoing a digital renaissance from within. Unlike other industries where  most  knowledge related resources are imported, the technology sector in Africa is seeing homegrown development ranging from building of technical skills to  actual deliverables, like apps.  Innovation hubs are the birthing place of numerous great ideas. They create a great environment for mostly young people to interact with members of their local IT/business communities and benefit from each other.
These hubs are located in strategic cities, with some existing only locally and others spreading around Africa.

Here is a detailed map of Africa’s most notable innovation hubs ?

Map of Tech hubs and incubator spaces around Afria. Image: World Bank

Map of Tech hubs and incubator spaces around Africa (as of September 2015). Image: World Bank

This map is intended to be included in the World Development Report 2016.
You can download the pdf version here.

[Header image]– Participants at Hive Colab incubator, Uganda. Photo credit: Ciril Jazbec

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