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Cwezi Cult of Africa: Humans, Extra-terrestrials or Demi-gods ?

An interesting group of people found in east Africa subregion of Rwanda and Uganda are the Ancient Cwezi. They are sometimes called the Bachwezi people. They are believed to have ruled the empire of the Sun or KITARA from 10,000BC to 1500 AD. Kitara later turned into Bunyoro-Kitara in 500C.E after disintegration into numerous smaller kingdoms led by brothers and kins.

These inhabitants were believed to be extra-terrestrial bodies or demigods because they possessed supernatural powers. Their physical appearance were also said to be distinct from the average human; they were much taller with a distinct head shape. They are worshipped and called upon by the Ugandans to intervene during crises. Among the Rwandans and Burundi people, they are referred to as Ibimanuka meaning “those who landed as gods”. Cwezi are still worshiped by tribes in Ankole,Toro,Buganda,East Congo,Tanzania,Burundi and Rwanda.

Humans or Gods

Although the origin of these superhuman remains largely controversial, oral tradition from the Tutsi is largely relied on. A school of thought is of the opinion that these mysterious people may have been  fathers of the great Kings and Queens of Kush, Nubia and Khamiti or of the same blood or part of the group known as Sudanic and Kamitic gods but not just ancients of Uganda.

Modern scholars however rely on the availability of ancient relics to ascertain the presence of these extra-terrestrial bodies. Hence, Modern theorists cast the Cwezi to have arrived in the western part of Uganda around 500 C.E from the north of the Nile planting seeds of leadership while introducing more organized kingdoms in the east African region. This conception is believed to be erroneous by Gakondo, an African writer. He opined that much of modern write ups about the history of Cwezi were fabricated during the colonial age.

In his yet to be published book, he stated that The cwezi ruled Kitara empire which  stretched from modern day Eastern Congo, western/eastern parts of Uganda, Kano plains of Kenya  to Karagwe, Rwanda and Burundi but not  secluded around lake George and Albert as previously assumed. Their bloodlines went on to form modern day kingdoms of Toro, Buganda, Ankole, Rwanda and Burundi and perhaps lost kingdoms of the Kongo and Zanj.

Oral legend further states that Bacwezi were half gods and half humans while some writers describe them as beings with one foot on earth and another foot astral thus the belief to have held and combined an alien quality with that of Earth.

Witchcraft or African Science?

Oral tradition describes the Cwezi to have been very tall, dark to dark-brown and sometimes brown with supernatural abilities and practiced teleportation and telekinesis.

While modern scientists are still dumbfounded on how the Giza pyramids were constructed, it is believed that it was largely through telekinesis that 30 ton blocks of rocks were lifted miles from South Sudan to Cairo in the construction of Pyramids. The initial weight of granite before transportation to Giza was more than 30 ton in weight before final block was precisely cutout using a lost magic/laser technology into desired shape and size that only people of the time knew so well. The rocks were not chiseled out and conveyed up with primitive tools as modern scientists purport. Gakondo went further to say that such presumption came from an idea forced on by belief in accepted hypothesis by secular paleontologists that, nothing ancient should be intelligent than that  which we have today, in their quest to validate paleolithic age as that of a primitive Human.

Cwezi were reported to have possessed super natural powers and a laser technology that simplified mega works of Masonry. They were also described to be clairvoyant and could telepathically read thoughts and foresee events. Oral legend say that Cwezi could disappear and reappear in an instant and as such they simply disappeared when about to die or when an imminence of danger felt inevitable or when in urgent need to travel afar. This also suggest that they may have been influencing other parts of Africa or the world at the same time. Maybe in Mali or southern Africa considering similar account of such beings on oral tales of the Bambara people, the Ife of West Africa and the San people of Kalahari.

The aspect of air travel using mysterious powers was reported of Cwezi. This phenomenon or ability to levitate and defy gravity and conduct air travel on a Mat to far away distances was still practiced by people of Gisaka (Kibungo) in Rwanda and Karagwe until the late 1980s when evangelical Christianity took root into east Africa and discouraged heirs and guardians of that secret knowledge from practicing the mysticism which got labeled as Witchcraft. Later, most custodians of that knowledge faced extermination in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Unconventional Air travel among Africans was well known within certain tribes long before western discovery of aerodynamics. This ability to travel without modern technology may have been additional aid in ancient migrations of groups to far corners of the planet and even to outer planets.

Africans air traveled using mysterious science prior to western discovery of principles of Aerodynamics. Such practices are well known among the Banyagisaka of Rwanda and Karagwe and was characteristic of the Cwezi people.

Cwezi Heritage

Cwezi were great cattle keepers and are still credited for introducing the long horned Ankole Cows around the Nile source region. They are said to have been great sportsmen and enjoyed archery, high jump, spear throwing (Javelin), sprinting and wrestling. They also introduced and played the Board game (Omweeso,ekisoro,igisoro) common in Africa.

Although the CWEZI people were mostly vegetarians, they had high tolerance for lactose. During ritual sacrifices, only a virgin cow was considered. They were involved in hybrid farming which included plants and animals. For some, the CWEZI people were either herbalists or spiritualist. They were great warriors but they adjudicated for peace, hence, when there is war or when danger is imminent, they simply disappeared to a peaceful territory only to reappear unseen later. It is said among the Ankole culture that voices of CWEZI people who disappeared can still be heard as they go about their normal activities unseen.
The activities of the CWEZI clan has prompted the emergence of a longtime religious cult known as ABALANGA, ABARUNGI or ABALANGI gods”.

Paranormal Bloodlines

It is believed that only special royal bloodlines possessed paranormal powers like the Cwezi. King Rwabugiri IV the great, an ancient Rwandan king was believed to have possessed paranormal powers along with one of his wives. Muhumuza. Rwabugiri was the first king to meet with the Europeans, he resisted slave trade and saved the remains of the Rwandan borders during the scramble and partition for Africa.

Also these bloodlines begun breaking the customary laws practicing forbidden customs such as eating prohibited meats, foods, certain fish, reptiles, marrying into hostile or forbidden bloodlines, murdering, breaking oath, abominations, inciting and obtaining curses, abandoning own customs, sodomy, laying down with animals etc. Ability to possess these mystical powers survived among some African peoples until 19th century when heavy interbreeding between clans, tribes and races took place therefore weakening special bloodlines.

Controversy remains as to the real origin of the Cwezi clan. While European writers ascribe all paranormal activities to what science can readily explain; AFRICAN historical writers think that much of African history can only be told by Africans hence, the CWEZI clan existed and they had powers that predate the birth of science in modern times.

Cwezi clan: Witchcraft or African science?

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