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Hello Africa !

We sat for hours trying to figure out a name for this project. QuestionsAfrica? Africanexpose? and all sorts of combinations that bared our tackiness. After several more hours shuffling between our notepads and Godaddy’s domain search page, we decided to go back to the roots.
We tried more combinations using African words and finally came up with SwaliAfrica. Swali means question in Swahili (a language spoken in Southeastern Africa) and SwaliAfrica adequately described the main focus of the project To engage Africans and the rest of the world on issues regarding Africa.

So what is SwaliAfrica?Africa is a very interesting region. It has a rousing past, an enigmatic present and a promising future. Its portrayal in local and international media has created a hazy impression about the region.
People around the world have questions about African  lifestyle, cuisine, fashion, history, governments and yes “controversies “,  and search for answers among sparsely distributed content around the web.

SwaliAfrica is an Online Magazine with a platform where anyone can share their Insights on Africa.

The focus of the SwaliAfrica project will be on Culture & Society, Government & Politics, African History & Religion and Education,

So hello Africa. Today we officially begin. We’ll collect email subscriptions and build momentum on here and our social media pages (listed on the menu) until the website launches fully. We will use this blog to formally communicate with you and also to be a voice to our thoughts and values.
We want to promote Africa. We want the stories to be told, the way they truly are, and we can’t do it without you.


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