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    Ancient Egyptian Sexuality: Life in Ancient Egypt

    Sexuality in ancient Egypt was open, untainted by guilt. Sex was an important part of life – from birth to death...

    Caroline SeawrightJanuary 7, 2017
  • Culture & Society
    The Homosexual Nature of Africa’s Past

    Today it’s a common assumption in Africa that pre-colonial African societies didn’t have homosexual cases. However contemplation has led to studies...

    Hope ObamwonyiSeptember 16, 2016
  • Culture & Society
    Sexual Liberties, Divorce Parties & the Tuareg Woman

    Many Africans who are yet to come across the Tuareg may express remarkable excitement when they finally learn about this distinct...

    SwaliAfricaDecember 16, 2015
  • Culture & Society
    Will Africa embrace same sex relations ?

    Capetown, November 30, 2006. Many same sex couples began hurrying to make preparations for their long-awaited nuptials. “There will be a...

    SwaliAfricaOctober 6, 2015

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